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7 Ways Home Repair Pros Can Help Sell Your House


Selling your home signifies a new time in your life. It could represent a downsizing because all of your children have moved out or it could be an upgrade because it is time to add a new member to the family. Whatever the case may be, selling your home is a difficult and stressful process.

There are a ton of homes out there for sale and you have to make sure that your home is able to compete with those and stand out in the minds of potential buyers. This will take some investment in the home and some preparation in order to get your home ready for sale.

Here are 7 different ways that home repair professionals can help you to get your house ready and make it stand out in the crowd of all those other homes:



The paint on the outside of your home is one of the first things that people are going to see when they come to view your home. Chipping paint, rusty handrails, and a faded or worn-out door are going to make your home look much older and dilapidated than it actually is.

Worn out paint inside the home is going to do the same thing. It is going to make the home look older and uncared for. Fresh paint is going to make the home look younger and fresher, inside and out. Professional painters can help you to get your home looking its’ best. This includes interior painting too.

One recommendation that many realtor and painters will give you is to use neutral colors. These colors are going to be appealing to a wider range of prospective buyers than loud vibrant colors. If there are colors in a home that people don’t like they are already thinking of how they want to change the home. You want them to be thinking about how great it is and what they can envision that room to be.


The landscaping is definitely going to make a first impression on prospective buyers when they pull up to your home. Landscapers can help to make the front of your home (and the backyard too) look its best. Fresh sod, manicured bushes and hedges, and splashes of color are going to make your home look amazing.

Professional landscapers will be willing and able to help you get your lawn and garden fixed up to help make the right first impression. Professionals are going to notice details that you may not, and they will also be able to recommend some things that you can do that will help you stay within your budget.


The home is definitely going to need a deep cleaning. Professional cleaners and organizers are a great resource to tap into. They are going to be able to get into the nooks and crannies that you don’t always get to clean. They are also going to notice things that need to be cleaned that you overlook because you see it all the time. Professional cleaners are going to look at your home in a way that buyers are going to look at it and they can give valuable insight.

Organizers can also help to declutter those closets, attics, and basements. Not only will this improve the look of your home, but they are also going to get rid of things that you are not going to want to have to pack when you move. It’s a win, win.


Old carpet, broken tiles, and worn-out wood floors are another way that a home looks dated. Prospective buyers love to see a turn-key home that they can move right into without a load of projects to do beforehand. Home repair professionals can help to fix broken tiles, refinish or replace wood floors, and local carpet cleaning services can deep clean them.


The fixtures and cabinetry in your bathroom and kitchen are like the jewelry that you wear. They make the kitchen sparkle and shine. Old faucets, sinks, mirrors, countertops, shower heads, medicine cabinets, and kitchen cabinets are going to make it seem as though the entire room needs to be redone. Having a home repair specialist do these types of projects are a great way to redo these rooms without doing a full remodeling.

Home repair professionals are going to be able to get new ones put in (or refinish old ones that are still in good structural shape) so that it looks like a recently remodeled modern room. They will also be able to handle any chipping or cracks in the countertops or help you figure out your best course of action to getting it repaired. “Remember to check the cabinet handles in the kitchen because these can be easily overlooked and just as easily noticed by prospective buyers,” says Greg Harrison, owner of Scottsdale Custom Cabinets.


Even if you plan on taking the appliances out, you should get these repaired and cleaned up. The appliances are going to help the prospective buyers create an image in their heads of what their lives are going to be like in your home. These small details seem trivial at the time, but they can really help to create a positive image of the home. Professional repair technicians are going to get the appliances fixed up and they can even fix dents and cracks so that they look brand new again.


Even though the prospective buyer may not look at the plumbing in the home, it is nice to be able to tell them that it has all been repaired. The one thing that is a red flag to a perspective is the term fixer-upper because that means that there are investments that they are going to have to make before they ever move in. This is the type of project where a professional plumber is going to be worth their weight in gold because things like plumbing and water heaters can be difficult to fix or work on if you don’t know what you are doing.

The difficult part about these projects is setting aside the proper funds in order to get it done. Some of these projects can be quite costly. You should try to determine what are the most important ones and the ones that are going to require the services of a professional. There may be some that you can do on your own. Then you are going to need to establish realistic budgets for each project because you want to be able to get these projects done the right way the first time.

When it comes to finding the right professionals, take your time. Get some references from some customers and make sure to shop around for estimates so that you can find the best deal. Online reviews are a great way to learn about local home repair specialists and about how satisfied their customers were with their work.


Ready a Room for Painting

getting a room ready to paint

You’ve chosen the perfect paint color*. That means the hard part is over. Now it is time to paint the room. But, before you do, you will want to prepare the room for painting. Proper preparation will protect the floor and furniture and ready the wall and ceiling for fresh paint to ensure a long-lasting finish when the project is complete.

*Still struggling to find the right paint color for a room? Sherwin Williams offers some tips here.

Below is a list of 7 recommended steps to prepare a room for painting and success!



The first thing to do before it is time to paint a room is to clear out the furniture inside of the room. If an item is too large or heavy to move from the room entirely, try to move that item into the center of the room away from the walls and cover it with a canvas, cloth or plastic sheet. Remove all artwork, clocks and décor from the walls as well.


Unscrew the electrical outlet covers on the wall and throughout the room before painting. Place all of the screws and covers together to ensure nothing is lost when it comes time to reattach them to the wall. You should the cover the outlets themselves with painters tap or duct tape to ensure no paint gets on them.


One of the most important steps in preparing a room for painting is protecting the floor in the room. This is true for hardwood and especially for carpet. Place a large drop cloth across as much of the floor as possible. If the cloth can not extend the entire room, continue moving it to an area closest to where you are painting.


You must wipe down the walls and the ceiling that will be painted. This is very important to ensure the paint adheres in a smooth, flat pattern across the wall and ceiling. You can do this with a damp cloth. Wipe off dirt, grease, dust, cobwebs and any other debris. For mildew, use a professional cleaning product to ensure it is 100% gone from the wall.


A lived-in room will have a dent, crack or even a hole or two in the wall. Use spackle and fill nail holes and cracks with it. You will need a paste for larger imperfections and gouges in the wall. Let the spackle dry before beginning to paint. Time varies based on manufacturer guidelines. Then sand the spackle for a smooth finish on the wall.


You should caulk in the area between the ceiling and the wall. This is helpful to paint a straight line along the ceiling later. Just be sure the caulk is paintable. The label should indicate this. You can spread the caulk along the gap line with a finger. Then use a damp cloth to wipe away and excess.


Use blue or green painter’s tape on the edges of the baseboards, door frames and window frames and lighting fixtures in the room. The tape will help protect the woodwork but be careful not spread the paint too thick in these areas as it could seep through the tape still.

That’s it. Now it is time to paint. Come by www.davidbarrio.com another time to read my tutorial on the proper techniques for painting a room. Thank you for reading!

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