types of carpet

There are several types of carpet homeowners can install. Champion Chem-Dry, experts offering carpet cleaning in Tampa, offer their tips on how to determine the best carpet for your home:


You might say we know a thing or two about carpet. We have several years of experience deep cleaning every carpet fiber available for installation in a home or business.

We thought we would share our expertise with readers of davidbarrio.com that are currently shopping for new carpet. This information should help inform you on the various attributes or pros and cons of each type of carpet fiber you can install in your home or business.

Let’s start with polyester. Polyester is one of the most popular carpet fibers sold in 2018 and it has many benefits for homeowners.


Here are a few things to consider before purchasing polyester carpet:


You will notice a difference in color between polyester fibers and almost any other carpet fiber. Polyester carpet is far more vibrant and lustrous than nylon or other synthetic materials. You also won’t see the same color in natural fibers like wool.

If bold or bright colors are important for you in determining which carpet to buy, you will definitely want to consider polyester.


Polyester carpet does not stain as easy as many other choices. The fiber isn’t 100% stain-proof but if you add a manufacturer’s stain guard to the carpet and purchase stain protectant from carpet cleaners after cleanings, you should be able to avoid permanent stains on polyester carpet.

But don’t confuse staining with soiling. Polyester is prone to soiling and that occurs from heavy foot traffic or residue in carpet. Residue comes from oils on skin and hair as well as soaps and cleaning chemicals used for cleaning carpet. You can avoid cleaning residue if you hire the right professionals in your city.


We offer green-certified products in our service and we’re happy to say that polyester is a relatively eco-friendly carpet fiber.

Polyester is not as eco-friendly as a natural fiber since it is still synthetic and manmade but often times the materials is made from recycled components such as old soda and water bottles. Manufacturers also recycle old polyester carpet to make new polyester carpet.


The biggest downside of installing polyester carpet in your home is the fiber’s durability. Polyester is not very durable and we don’t recommend installing it in heavy traffic areas in your home. We would recommend polyester carpet in bedrooms or home offices but not in hallways or living rooms.

You will notice polyester wear down faster than other fibers and even more so if it is placed in traffic areas. Wear is often irreversible and something professional carpet cleaners cannot remove or restore.


The durability of polyester carpet is reflected in its cost. Polyester is one of the cheapest carpet fibers available for purchase. This makes it appealing if you have small budget for new carpet or if you want to replace your carpet on a regular basis you can do so if you choose polyester as the costs will not be too high. However, if you want the carpet to last for a long time we would recommend wool or nylon carpet for your home.


Now, let’s discuss some of the features of nylon carpet and whether it is the right carpet fiber for your home.


Learn more about nylon carpet:


Polyester is the superior carpet fiber when it comes to color and vibrancy. You can purchase nylon carpet in several different colors and patterns, however, the surface is somewhat dulled with a matte finish you don’t see on polyester. If the goal of the new carpet is purely color and to add a “pop” to a room, nylon should not be your first choice.


Nylon carpet is very stain-resistant. Manufacturers are now dyeing the fibers during their construction process in order to lock colors into the strands of carpet and prevent liquids and stains from attaching themselves to the dyes and colors. This process means nylon is impermeable to permanent staining and it is fade-resistant too.

You can increase the stain-fighting ability of nylon carpet if you purchase a carpet that includes a manufacturer’s stain guard solution. This protective layer can also be restored during a carpet cleaning appointment.


Nylon is a synthetic fiber so it is not as eco-friendly as wool and other natural fibers. This type of carpet is also not as eco-friendly as polyester because nylon is not made of recycled materials.


The best selling factor for nylon carpet is its durability. Nylon is the number one recommend carpet for traffic areas or homes with children and pets as it is extremely durable. Nylon is resilient and the fibers will bounce back after stepped on.  You can feel confident that a nylon carpet will last for 10-15 years or more if you care for it properly.

You can maintain the resiliency of nylon with routine carpet cleaning services. We recommend scheduling an appointment once every 12-18 months in order to maintain the quality of nylon carpet.


Nylon is very affordable. The carpet fiber does cost more than polyester does but the reason is that nylon will last much longer in your home. If you care for nylon carpet, the fiber could last twice as long as polyester before signs of wear start to appear on the surface of the floor.


Now, let’s discuss triexta carpet:


Learn more about triexta carpet below:


We first feel we should explain what triexta carpet is as it is a relatively new type of carpet fiber available for purchase. Triexta is very similar to polyester. The root chemical of triexta is PTT which is the same as polyester. However, there are several differences between triexta and polyester that will share.


The color of triexta carpet is closer to the appearance of nylon than it is to polyester. You will notice a triexta carpet does not offer the same luster or shine you see from polyester. Instead, the surface of triexta carpet has a more matte appearance that is often associated with nylon.


One of the main benefits of triexta is its stain-resistance. The reason triexta is so stain-resistant is because it is hydrophobic and does not absorb liquids or moisture. This is because triexta features similar chemicals as the type of clothing that is “dry-fit” or moisture-wicking.

You can clean a common stain on triexta carpet with just water because the stain itself will not set deep into the carpet fibers. For deep cleaning, hire professionals to remove soil and restore resiliency.

You will also notice that triexta carpet is fade-resistant to and maintains its color for several years after installation.


Triexta is much more eco-friendly than nylon or polyester because it is made from corn glucose instead of from petroleum. This is a major advantage when it comes to its impact on the environment and local ecosystem.


The best part of triexta is that the fiber is almost as durable as nylon carpet. Nylon carpet has long been considered the best carpet for durability but now in 2018 triexta isn’t far behind. The fiber is extremely resilient and able to be installed in high traffic areas and homes with several inhabitants and children and pets too.


Homeowners will love the benefits of triexta carpet even more when you discover the price is cheaper than nylon carpet. You have to pay more for triexta than for polyester but you receive the durability benefits of nylon too.